Ready to use diode laser for permanent hair removal at your cosmetic beauty centre? LaserSpeed is here!

Technology evolves continually and also in the beauty care sector, treatments are more precise and effective. The diode laser is a perfect example of how innovation can bring significant benefits to this sector and has become the most appropriate instrument for permanent hair removal.

How does the laser work? Functionality analysis

The diode laser acts by utilising the emission of a monochromatic ray which is much less aggressive on the melanin with respect to other techniques. Once the light transforms into heat, the hair follicle is completely removed: the merit is the increase in temperature exclusively in that specific area of the body.

The diode laser utilises selective photo-haemolysis: and this is how the machine guarantees not only a painless experience but is also free of any contraindications.

The laser energy becomes incisive when the hair is in the “transformation” phase: in this case, the treatments are more rapid and quickly bring optimal results; instead, when the hair follicle bulb has not reached such “level”, six sessions, more or less, are necessary to reach good results.

Diode laser or pulsating light comparison: why laser is better for hair removal

These two methods of permanent hair removal both have an ultimate objective, that is, to permanently remove unwanted hair but they do so using different processes.

The pulsating light relies entirely on the thermal removal of hair. The diode laser, instead, carries out its action directly on the hair follicle bulb in the “transformation” phase by emitting monochromatic rays.

This different approach allows, with the diode laser technique, to reduce the number of sessions:

Just think … with the pulsating light treatment, 10-13 sessions are needed, and there are also risks involved such as causing possible skin burns if the machinery is not set properly or may have a functionality problem.

The laser, instead, reaches this same goal without causing pain nor possible burns since this machine is equipped with a cooling system integrated in the handle.

The contraindications for laser hair removal

The first step is to rely on qualified and specialised personnel to avoid running into problems or suffer damaging collateral effects. Solely when technicians have the appropriate experience to perfectly set the laser, a treatment is implemented in complete security.

There are no skin risks, especially because, before any kind of treatment is implemented, a client undergoes a complete check-up by evaluating specifically the individual’s issues, and potentials, with regard to dermatological and morphological matters.

There are no age limits to respect in order to undergo this treatment: obviously the specialised visit will determine whether or not to use the laser also based on skin colour.

White hair cannot be treated with this remedy since hair of this nature does not contain melanin, while blonde hair is easily treatable.

Is diode laser painful or have collateral effects?

Whoever undergoes a permanent hair removal treatment is always concerned about the pain. During a diode laser treatment, the individual does not experience any kind of pain. A person may experience a slight sensation of heat on the skin which is a mere increase in temperature that does not cause discomfort.

In case such a sensation is considered discomforting, an anesthetic gel can be applied locally: it will then be the operator, by means of technological experience to proceed with the treatment in a positive and effective manner by properly utilising the cooling system handle. Furthermore, during the check-up visit each type of topic will be addressed such pharmaceutical consumption that may render the hair removal treatment intolerable.

People with excessively sensitive and light skin may experience reddening after the sitting but it disappears after just a few hours.

Which areas can be treated with permanent hair removal by laser?

The diode laser has the potential of treating any part of the body without any kind of problem, including the classical areas for women such as chin, legs and groin, without forgetting how beneficial it is for men who have a lot of hair on their backs or chest.

Laser hair removal is able to simultaneously treat areas during the same sitting.

How many sessions are necessary? What is the cost of each session and how does it work?

The initial check-up evaluation will help the specialised personnel in determining the number of sittings necessary: generally it takes 6 to 10 sessions. Permanent hair removal cannot be reached with just one sitting due to the fact that it is necessary to follow the hair life cycle.

In order to obtain a satisfying result, the hair bulb needs to be damaged during its active phase, therefore solely the hairs that are in that current situation can be effectively treated. The sitting is repeated to ensure that hair that is not in the active transformation phase can also be completely destroyed to obtain a uniform and effective result.

On average, ten days must pass between sittings, but the timing is related to the skin type and the characteristics of the client.

The first three sittings are fundamental and are the longest since a high density of hair is removed while the subsequent sittings are needed solely to complete the treatment.

After each sitting statistics reveal a decrease in re-growth of between 20 to 35 % with the use of the diode laser but is also an aspect that is influenced by many factors.

It is up to the specialist to recommend a lenitive cream to be applied a few hours after the treatment to combat against reddening that may occur, while the price of each sitting varies based on the range of area that needs treating, the hair size and the time entailed for the treatment.

Conclusion: The best technology for permanent hair removal

LaserSpeed is an ever-new 808nm diode laser and is considered technologically ideal for permanent hair removal: it is a jewel for this industry and guarantees reliability and safety. For this reason, it is better to pay extreme attention to those cosmetic centres that do not utilise made in Italy products such as LaserSpeed.

An advanced product such as LaserSpeed requires a certain level of assistance and maintenance: Aesthetic Systems offers this along with professional consulting and complete formation.

If your cosmetic centre is still lacking a diode laser for permanent hair removal, our experts are ready to respond to eliminate any uncertainties regarding such a fundamental investment and can attract a greater number of clients, even by opting for the rental of the machinery.

Technical data of this splendid machine is available on our website pages, a careful analysis of its functionality is also available along with the comparison to pulsating light.